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Long Term Care Insurance


Long term care insurance is a private insurance option for covering the costs associated with care you may need, including in home care, assisted living, or nursing home care. 

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  • Insurance coverage is vital. The Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER) has developed a quick guide to insurance for women. Even though the guide is targeted at women, it provides useful information that everyone can use.

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  • There are many considerations when exploring long-term care services and supports including the costs of care, what is covered, and options for paying for long-term care.

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  • Ten questions to answer before purchasing your long-term care insurance policy.

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  • The earlier you know all of the available options for long-term care, the easier it will be to make the best choice if and when you need it -- either for yourself or your loved ones. This article discusses long term care options, costs, and other important facts, with the emphasis on choosing care for parents.

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  • Long term care insurance can help pay for the care you or a loved one needs down the line as you age. Virginians can now buy a partnership policy that will help pay for long-term care needs and protect assets if it ever becomes necessary to apply for Medicaid.

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  • Long term care is one of the most pressing issues facing Americans today– and it will only get more urgent as the nation ages. While people are living longer, many have little idea about the added pressures on their “long life care”– fiscally and emotionally.

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  • Talking to loved ones about big issues like aging, money, health and end-of-life care can be awkward. Having honest conversations now lets you know what your parents or loved ones want, and can help ensure that they live life on their terms and as fully as possible. 

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